Wye Oak

Album review: Wye Oak, “Shriek”

Wye Oak only has so many hands. Four, to be exact. Though their sound betrays it, the Maryland-based band are only two people. Jenn Wasner has traditionally handled the vocals and guitar duties while Andy Stack kept the beat on the drums.

I Might Be Wrong: The top 10 records of 2011 (so far)

There’s no doubt that list-making in music criticism has gotten a little bit out of control. (If you have any doubt, check out Largehearted Boy's aggregation of the end-of-year lists for 2010 here.) Still, what’s a better vessel for letting someone know of a few albums he/she should check out than putting them in a list?

Live review: Wye Oak @ the Larimer Lounge

At the Larimer Lounge on Saturday night, Jenn Wasner mentioned that she and bandmate Andy Stack of the Baltimore band Wye Oak, were tired. And justifiably so, having come from Salt Lake City that day, and in the very beginning of a 10-day stretch of their current tour that travels through the midwest and up into Montreal before they get a night off.