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The Who, Vintage Trouble at the Pepsi Center, 2/12/13 (photos, review)

The Who @ Pepsi Center by John Leyba

In taking in the Who and its 2013 take on “Quadrophenia” at the Pepsi Center on Tuesday evening, the mind couldn’t help but wander. The band is hardly operating at full strength these days – because of loss, age, physical erosion. But they remain one of the most important groups in rock history.

Watch Paul McCartney and Nirvana perform at the 12-12-12 Concert

Paul McCartney

For the most part Wednesday night’s 12-12-12 Concert was a dull affair — the Rolling Stones only played like one song, Kristen Stewart wore the Kill Bill jumpsuit and Kanye West wore a skirt and failed at igniting the classic rock-loving crowd.

But anyone who was able to stay awake for the six-something hour concert got a chance to see Paul McCartney replace Kurt Cobain as the Nirvana frontman.

Stream the 12-12-12 Concert here

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