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Synkro does his best Burial on “Changes” (review)

Like so many young musicians, electronic producer Synkro (Joe McBride to his fellow Brits) is nothing if not the sum of his influences. He’s said as much in the press, pointing out tributaries as far upstream and apart as Burial, Tangerine Dream and Boards of Canada in the way of inspiration for his gloomy strain of electro-ambience.

The Weeknd, “Beauty Behind the Madness” review

If your only exposure to The Weeknd was via the VMAs earlier this week -- which included Kanye's much-publicized dancefloor get-down -- you might be surprised to hear the 25-year-old's new album, especially its symphonic production, dark and tragic rhythms, and addled lyrics.

Album review: The Weeknd, “Kiss Land”

In 2011, the Weeknd was born in a name drop. Drake tweeted a lyric from "Wicked Games" and voila, he had arrived. Two weeks later, he'd drop his debut "House of Balloons," an intoxicating nine-track narco haze of a mixtape, to widespread acclaim.