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Kentucky Derby playlist: Our favorite horse-related songs

Kentucky Derby playlist: Our favorite horse-related songs

Reverb would like to commemorate the fastest two minutes in sports with our favorite horse-themed songs.

Wes Anderson soundtracks: Looking back from “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Bill Murray in a scene from "The Grand Budapest Hotel." (AP Photo/Fox Searchlight)

To mark the release of his latest film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Reverb takes a listen back to Wes Anderson’s most pivotal soundtracks.

Living Colour’s Vernon Reid on the band’s formation, Mick Jagger, and reaching audiences through “Grand Theft Auto”

Living Colour founder and guitarist Vernon Reid, second from right, is feeling introspective but optimistic 25 years after his band hit the big time.

Living Colour founder Vernon Reid talks to Reverb ahead of the band’s Gothic Theatre show about the roots of the band, working with Mick Jagger, and reaching new fans via “Grand Theft Auto.”

Glastonbury 2013: Woman gives birth at music fest after Rolling Stones set

Rolling Stones AP

Following the Rolling Stones’ closing set at Glastonbury in the U.K., a festival-goer went into labor and gave birth on site.

Watch: The Rolling Stones perform with Arcade Fire’s Win Bulter in Montreal

Rolling Stones AP

Sunday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler joined the Rolling Stones on “The Last Time.”

Watch: The Rolling Stones play a surprise show at EchoPlex in Los Angeles

Rolling Stones AP

So, yeah. The Rolling Stones — arguably one of the biggest bands to ever exist — played a surprise show at the 700-capacity Echoplex in Los Angeles.

Rolling Stones postpone tour date in L.A. because of NBA playoffs

Rolling Stones AP

The sixth L.A. Lakers playoff game clashed with the Rolling Stones’ opening tour date, and luckily they are famous enough that it doesn’t matter.

Watch the 2013 Super Bowl commercials with Psy, Usher, Fleetwood Mac and more

Fleetwood Mac Giveaway

Half the reason that non-football fans are lured into watching the big game is to watch the over the top pitches from some of the best ad firms in the world pushing the biggest brands in the land. We watched the game for our favorite musicians making appearances in some of these commercials. Watch the 2013 Super Bowl commercials with Psy, Usher, Fleetwood Mac and more here.

End of the world playlist — and not just the obvious Mayan apocalypse songs

GWAR Halloween

Today, according to history’s most credible doomsday theorists, the Mayans, is the end of the world. Dec. 21, 2012 is the day that the Mayan calendar ends, which obviously means the ancient civilization predicted the end of the world, and didn’t just eventually find it pointless to make a calendar that went like 5,000 years into the future.

Watch Paul McCartney and Nirvana perform at the 12-12-12 Concert

Paul McCartney

For the most part Wednesday night’s 12-12-12 Concert was a dull affair — the Rolling Stones only played like one song, Kristen Stewart wore the Kill Bill jumpsuit and Kanye West wore a skirt and failed at igniting the classic rock-loving crowd.

But anyone who was able to stay awake for the six-something hour concert got a chance to see Paul McCartney replace Kurt Cobain as the Nirvana frontman.