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Adam Cayton-Holland, Bad Weather California at the Greater Than Social Club, 03-06-13 (photos, review)

Bad Weather California, Adam Cayton Holland @ Lannies'

The idea is genius, really: Invite the city’s indie elite to perform on a pretty fancy cabaret stage for a special night of music, comedy and camaraderie.

And at Wednesday night’s Greater Than Social Club, you could feel the electricity in the air.

Photos of A. Tom Collins, Sean Patton at the Greater Than Social Club (video)

A. Tom Collins @ Lannie's 02/06/13

The Greater Than Social Club debuted Wednesday night at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret with A. Tom Collins and comedian Sean Patton.

A. Tom Collins signs to Greater Than Collective, leads new cabaret night at Lannie’s (news)

Westword Music Showcase 2012

The marriage of music and comedy is often an uneasy one, as countless bands and stand-ups have found over the years. But when it’s done right (see David Cross and his early 2000s Sub Pop tour, Bonnarroo’s comedy tent, South by Southwest, etc.) it provides a unique space in which the two art forms complement each other– or at least a drunken variety show in which it’s impossible to get bored.