The Centennial

Tennis escapes an “existential tailspin” to write third album, “Ritual In Repeat”

An hour of piano. An hour of guitar. An hour of reading. An hour of writing. Go on a walk. Repeat. This strict schedule doesn’t seem like a birthplace for creativity, but for Denver band Tennis, it helped overcome months of writer’s block and an “existential tailspin” to write their third album, “Ritual In Repeat.” On a recent Friday afternoon, Tennis’ practice once again comes to a halt and Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley are both leaning over a red keyboard in their South Broadway practice space searching through different effects.

Steal This Track: Lips & Teeth

With the sheer volume of talented musicians that Colorado puts out into the world, it's no wonder that we've seen our share of artists swallowed up by the gaping maw of the industry, only to be vomited back up, dirty and wet, a short time later.

Live review: Nathaniel Rateliff, Paper Bird, the Centennial @ the Fox Theatre

Since its inception, "Nathaniel Rateliff’s Holiday Revue" has made a name for itself as a sort of Santa’s Workshop for local indie upstarts. In recent years, bands like the Swayback, Bad Weather California, Ian Cooke, Bela Karoli and Rateliff’s other critically acclaimed project, Born in the Flood, have taken the stage to warm holiday hearts and showcase Denver’s seasonal music brew.

Photo essay: The Centennial @ the Hi-Dive

The Centennial gave away its first EP at just its fourth live appearance on Saturday night, a release party for the aptly titled "Second Spring." The Centennial is the rebirth of Meese, headed by brothers Patrick and Nathan Meese, along with Patrick's wife, Tiffany.