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String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 7/6/12 (photos and review)

Perhaps it was tempting fate to play a song called "Rain" so early in the first set on Friday. As the tune wound down, and the boys from String Cheese Incident sang the final chorus repeatedly, with the words "Rain come, wash me clean, rain come, set me free," the rain started, first in drops, then a steady drizzle, and within a minute, a torrential downpour with sheets of water pounding the audience as the temperature rapidly dropped.

String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 7/5/12 (photos and review)

String Cheese Incident returned to the hallowed grounds of Red Rocks for the first of three nights on Thursday. At one point, after a long intense jam, keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth commented enthusiastically, "This is only night one!" String Cheese dropped the feel-good vibes early, striking the right notes on its opening song, "Sometimes a River," with Hollingsworth, bassist Keith Moseley, guitarist Bill Nershi, and mandolin/fiddle player Michael Kang harmonizing beautifully.