Is Skrillex no longer dubstep’s pariah?

Recently, a friend of mine posted what should’ve been an innocuous question to a Facebook group dedicated to discussing upcoming shows in Colorado. “Who’s going to Skrillex at Red Rocks this Friday?” The lone response: “I’m not 16 anymore.” Despite all the other DJs and electronic dance music that had been mentioned in the group before, the jab wasn’t surprising.

Album Review: AraabMuzik, “The Remixes, Vol. 1”

If Araab Muzik's "The Remixes, Vol. 1" is his first remix volume, what does that make his debut, "Electronic Dreams"? Fun as that album was, each of its tracks was, at its heart, a bit of an obscure dance song laid over with MPC-controlled beats from AraabMuzik's unfathomably quick hands.

Watch Skrillex accidentally set his hair on fire (video)

Maybe Skrillex wished for the same amount of hair on both sides of his head for his birthday. TMZ scored footage of the electronic producer, who looks like an extra from "Battlefield Earth," accidentally setting his hair on fire while blowing out the candles at his birthday bash on Wednesday night.