Roger Waters

Roger Waters at the Pepsi Center, 5/7/12 (photos and review)

A year and a half ago, Pink Floyd bassist-songwriter Roger Waters brought his inspired production of “The Wall” to the Pepsi Center in Denver. At the time, my capable colleague Candace Horgan covered the show with aplomb, saying, “At the Pepsi Center, Waters melded elements of musical theater into the performance, and used updated technology to create something even grander than (Pink Floyd’s) original.” On Monday, Waters again brought the spectacle-filled show to the Pepsi Center – the same show.

Live review: Roger Waters @ the Pepsi Center

It's pretty difficult to overstate the sheer awesomeness of "The Wall." Pink Floyd fans may argue 'till the earth goes up in a nuclear inferno as to which Floyd album is the best, but for the coherence of theme, strength of the music, and subsequent melding of art, imagery, sound and words into a live setting, "The Wall" is unmatched.