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Watch Justin Bieber rap Tupac’s “Dear Mama” at Cannes

Justin Bieber and Rick Ross are Cannes buddies. How cute... The two have been palling around the annual film festival, and the uncomfortable relationship resulted in Bieber jumping on stage with Ross to rap a shirtless rendition of Tupac's "Dear Mama." He's already good friends with Birdman and Lil Wayne, and he probably already has a longer police record than Drake, so it makes a little bit of sense that he's continuing to raise his street cred.

Watch the Rick Ross video for “Oyster Perpetual”

Rick Ross has been dishing out teasers in promotion of his upcoming album, “Mastermind,” for some time now. First there was the Jay-Z assisted “The Devil is a Lie,” and now Ross has dropped the video for his freestyle, “Oyster Perpetual.” The track, a throw to an expensive timepiece from the Rolex line, opens up with audio from a 911 call.