Live review: Phish @ Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Day 2

Phish kicked down a monster at Dick's Sporting Goods Park Saturday. Following a meaty Friday night that featured all songs beginning with the letter ‘s,’ the Vermont squad on Saturday vanquished the gimmick and opened the proverbial fire hose of innovation, dousing the swollen park with some of the best playing of their lives.

Live review: Phish @ Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Day 1

Something seemed suspect. Simple, Sparkle? Seriously? Such surprising songs to start a set. Then, with the opening, operatic notes of “The Sloth,” it dawned on many in Dicks Sporting Goods Arena, that, there, in the silky sod of Commerce City’s splendid soccer stadium, we were savoring the essence of Phish.

Feature: The Top 5 moments in Colorado’s “Phish history”

Phish has a long history with the Rocky Mountain state. In fact, when the group scheduled its upcoming Dick's Sporting Goods Park dates for this coming Labor Day weekend, they said so themselves on their website: "Colorado was the site of Phish's first extended tour outside of the Northeast, and the band has enjoyed a special connection with the community ever since." Here are five moments, in no particular rank, that will go down in Colorado's "Phish history." 1.

I Might Be Wrong: Go Phish

Oftentimes with this column, I have come under fire for being too negative or for lambasting for the sake of lambasting. Despite praising singular efforts, a whole host of albums (twice) or recommending certain shows, a common refrain has become, “Does this guy even like music?” Of course I do.