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Dead Palms rocky but rocking at Skylark

Dead Palms the Denver-based punk-fusion rock and roll band, opened at the Skylark with the self-titled song "Dead Palms." After some minor "technical difficulties" (mostly the bass player fumbling around) the band welcomed the crowd by announcing that they love to eat cheese and pizza and asked the audience for a joke.

The Hollow pounds eardrums at Blue Ice

With a head bang start, The Hollow began their set hard and steady. Bringing a palpable energy to the small stage at Blue Ice, lead singer Spencer Townshend Hughes vocals are complex, providing a layer softly breaking up the hard, consistent pounding of drums and bass.

Holly Lovell starts Saturday with aching intimacy

Framed with a red lip and a denim jumpsuit Holly Lovell opened the UMS on Saturday at The Irish Rover. Her sincere vocals backed by the sad electric guitar (which she just picked up for the first time while recording her last EP released in May) seamlessly complimented the heartbreaking lyrics of every song.

Kid Astronaut takes things slow at Blue Ice

As the sun set on Broadway, soul and R&B singer Kid Astronaut, formerly of Air Dubai, delivered an appropriately chill performance, armed with an acoustic guitar, electric keyboard, two plants he stole from his mom's home and a Himalayan salt lamp to dispel the negatively charged ions in the air.

UMS 2016: Friday’s top picks

Friday marks the first night of Main Stage bands at the UMS, including crazy-anticipated sets from Allah-Lahs and Lee Fields and the Expressions. Like any night out, the amount of choose-your-own-adventure branch-offs you can do on any given night at the UMS is staggering.

Cloak & Dagger announces 2016 lineup

The 2015 iteration of electronic music festival Cloak & Dagger Music Festival stepped up its game last year. Festival organizer Brennen Bryarly (aka Option4) brought the heat with top tier talent in the digital game by digging out Four Tet and West Coast tag team Classixx.

UMS 2016: Non-Denver locals come marching in

From July 28-31, the 16th annual Denver Post Underground Music Showcase will be taking over various venues and storefronts along South Broadway. Compared to past years, however, 2016 festivalgoers will be able to dig through a swath of rising out-of-town talent alongside hidden local gems just waiting to be mined.