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CD reviews: Weezer, Grinderman

Weezer, "Hurley" (Epitaph) Spin and hyperbole are alive and well, especially in indie rock. As you're reading about the latest Weezer record, you'll see that the band is no longer recording for Geffen.

10 Most Gut-Wrenching Songs of the Aughts: Weigh in

This is just one man’s random, subjective and sadly experienced countdown of the 10 most gut-wrenching songs of the Aughts. Join the conversation by adding your suggestions as comments below, and together we’ll come up with a veritable compendium of heartache, loss and regret ...

Bad Luck City @ 3 Kings Tavern

[photopress:badluck17.jpg,full,pp_image] Bad Luck City's Dameon Merkl points to where he'll see you after you die. Text and photos by contributor Doug Beam. Watching a Bad Luck City show can sometimes have the same effect on you as waking up in a strange bed.

Liars @ the Marquis Theater

[photopress:liars_post04.jpg,full,pp_image] A couple weeks ago, indie music websites were abuzz with the news that Liars frontman Angus Andrew seriously jacked up his back -- though the good news was it wouldn't affect the band's tour.