My Body Sings Electric

Five Colorado bands and their national doppelgangers: Inner Oceans, Hot Apostles and more

The Underground Music Showcase is like Colorado's South By Southwest, with a few notable exceptions. First, there's a hell of a lot less sponsors. (And they're relevant: While fans at SXSW might scratch their heads over why Katy Perry is blasting the crowd with a Cool Ranch Doritos cannon, Illegal Pete's actually has its own label, Greater Than Collective, and serves as an official festival venue.) Second, it's a lot less hassle getting into shows.

Can’t Hardly Wait: Tonight’s “Friday the 13th” showing with the Swayback is the final Film on the Rocks of the season

[caption id="attachment_37059" align="alignnone" width="610" caption="The Swayback will perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre tonight. Photo courtesy of the artist's Facebook."][/caption] Don't say you weren't warned. Tonight is your last opportunity of the season to see a movie at Red Rocks with thousands of other people, many of whom know every word and aren't afraid to shout along.

News: College courses never used to be this cool

[caption id="attachment_24092" align="alignnone" width="610" caption="Zombies are roaming in the MTHDS video shoot, one of many for a unique college course at UCD."][/caption] Three years ago Michelle Carpenter set out with her colleagues at University of Colorado at Denver to create a socially-conscious design course that integrated real world experience into the classroom around the idea of "learning to be good (designers) while doing good." The course that was formed, Design Studio 3, now involves two large group projects.