Mercury Cafe

Live review: Prudence Mabhena @ the Mercury Cafe

A lifetime of pain and abandonment has lent Prudence Mabhena the voice of an angel. Shunned by her family, ostracized by friends and alone for most of her youth, the 24-year-old Zimbabwe native whose limbs are curled by an agonizing congenital disorder has had more tribulation than most anyone.

The Mile High Makeout: DeVotchKa gives its hometown a New Year’s present

DeVotchKa is (from left): Jeanie Schroder, Shawn King, Nick Urata and Tom Hagerman. Photo courtesy of Anti- Records. One of the best things about Denver's music scene -- and something that sets it apart from the bigger music cities like New York, L.A., Chicago and Nashville -- is that the musicians it comprises are easily able to express and demonstrate the love they have for their/our city.