Menomena, Guards at the Bluebird Theater, 03/01/13 (photos, review)

A promising Friday night show at the Bluebird Theater with indie mainstay Menomena and NYC’s Guards delivered a few surprises and a fair share of disappointments. Despite Guards' shorter career, and having only toured in support of its full-length debut ("In Guards We Trust") for barely a month, the garage pop band's opening set was the more enjoyable of the two.

Live review: Menomena @ the Fox Theatre

Last night at the Fox, Menomena demonstrated and overcame the challenge of transforming studio albums into something new for their audience. Joined by Joe Haege from Tu Fawning, the opening band of the evening, the show fluently translated the versatility of the band’s studio albums into a live performance that beautifully juxtaposed each the talents of each band member.