UMS 2012: Photos and review of Saturday night

The 12th annual Denver Post Underground Music Showcase charged forward Saturday through nearly 100-degree heat with large crowds clogging the South Broadway corridor. More venues opened their doors to the 300 or so artists while tangent events and unofficial neighborhood house parties filled the Baker neighborhood with buzz.

Steal This Track: Fairchildren

Sometimes, things only start to come together as they're falling apart. Such is the case with Denver's Fairchildren. "We played this residency at Lost Lake, and that's how we became a band," recalls Julie Davis of the inception of her new project.

Hot Shots: Scenes from South Broadway @ UMS 2011, Day 3

Festivities were in full swing Saturday night as Day 3 of the Underground Music Showcase kicked into overdrive. In addition to the outdoor stages from Friday night, there were even more venues for bands to showcase their work including a church, several unofficial parties in neighborhood backyards and even the sidewalks of South Broadway.

Photo essay: The Centennial @ the Hi-Dive

The Centennial gave away its first EP at just its fourth live appearance on Saturday night, a release party for the aptly titled "Second Spring." The Centennial is the rebirth of Meese, headed by brothers Patrick and Nathan Meese, along with Patrick's wife, Tiffany.

Live Review: Barcelona, Meese @ the Marquis Theater

The love between Seattle's Barcelona and the Denver audience was intense and mutual at their Tuesday Marquis Theater show. Photos by Chandra Carney. It's time to admit that the last vestiges of grunge have passed beyond the horizon when new exports from its epicenter now appear as clean-cut and coiffed as early ‘80s new wave bands.

Dust on the Breakers @ Patrick Marold Studio

Slim Cessna, Yonder Mountain String Band, etc.: Annual New Year's Eve concerts have become the norm around town. But one of the best this go-round was one that went mostly under the radar: A gathering of area indie-rockers taking turns at the mic before the all-star collective known as Dust on the Breakers rang in the new year at Patrick Marold's Sculpture Studio in the northwest warehouse district at 4335 Cherokee St.