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Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood at the Ogden, 12/7/12 (photos, review)

Medeski, Schofield, Martin, and Wood @ Ogden Theatre 12/7/2012

John Scofield folded his sophisticated jammy jazz into Medeski, Martin and Wood’s trippy smooth sounds, kneading a gooey jazz funk that oozed through the Ogden Theatre on Friday night.

Will Bernard Band @ the Oriental Theater

Will Bernard Band @ the Oriental Theater

Although they’ve only been playing together for short time, Will Bernard, John Medeski, Andy Hess and Stanton Moore have started to find their groove. There’s barely 100 people in the Oriental Theater. It’s a school night. The aroma of sizzling bacon from the next door waffle joint has everyone drooling and thinking grub. Not the perfect setting for a feral throwdown. Will Bernard taps the mic. Leans into a purple spotlight. “I know it’s a Sunday, but, well, you’ll see,” he says. The Bay Area […]