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Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood at the Ogden, 12/7/12 (photos, review)

Medeski, Schofield, Martin, and Wood @ Ogden Theatre 12/7/2012

John Scofield folded his sophisticated jammy jazz into Medeski, Martin and Wood’s trippy smooth sounds, kneading a gooey jazz funk that oozed through the Ogden Theatre on Friday night.

Why So Serious, Tracy Morgan?

The character Tracy Morgan plays on NBC's critically-acclaimed '30 Rock', unsurprisingly, pretty similar to Morgan's real-life personality. Photo by Art Streiber.

If you thought Tracy Morgan was gloriously incoherent and entertaining on “Saturday Night Live” and the Emmy-winning sketch-spoof “30 Rock,” you haven’t seen him doing stand-up.