Major Lazer

Feature: Biggest-ever Global Dance Festival marks a milestone for immigrant Denver promoter Ha Hau

Ha Hau is an affable guy, a first-generation Vietnamese-American with an intense stare, a thin build and a receding hairline. Working in his Golden Triangle offices, wearing a fitted T-shirt and jeans, he doesn't look like a club kingpin, a trendy promoter, an electronic-music tastemaker — until the music of British trance legend Carl Cox starts pumping through his satellite radio.

Live review: La Roux @ the Ogden Theatre

If the latest Diplo mixtape is any indication of what’s to come from La Roux in the future ("Lazerproof" mashes tracks from Major Lazer and La Roux’s debut, in many cases removing the '80s synth and slowing her vocals to match the deep basslines -- get it here), La Roux’s gig Saturday at the Ogden was anything but experimental or off-script.