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Why So Serious, Kathleen Madigan? (2014 edition)

Kathleen Madigan is in comedy for all the right reasons. (Photo provided by Comedy Works)

Respected stand-up and Colorado favorite Kathleen Madigan talks before her latest round of area comedy dates, including at Denver’s Paramount Theatre.

Why So Serious, Lewis Black?

Lewis black defies you to have a lower blood pressure than him. Seriously. (Photo by Clay McBride)

Indignant human tea kettle Lewis Black has very healthy blood pressure, thanks you very much.

Lewis Black, Robin Williams, Jeff Dunham announce Front Range comedy shows (news)

Academy Award-winning actor and stand-up legend Robin Williams is joining Lewis Black and Jeff Dunham in big comedy-show announcements today. Photo provided by HBO.

Big comedians Lewis Black, Robin Williams and Jeff Dunham all announce Front Range comedy shows today.

Live review: Blues Traveler @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Live review: Blues Traveler @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Blues Traveler’s annual July 4 shows at Red Rocks have been uneven in recent years, but that changed in 2009. Photo from When you see a band play live enough times, what first drew you to them can seem rote and what was charming gets lost under a layer of cynicism. It can be especially hard to bear as you realize that many people are either superfans for whom the band can do no wrong, or newer ones who can’t tell a clunker from […]