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Rocky Mountain Folks Festival @ Planet Bluegrass Ranch

[photopress:snider2.jpg,full,pp_image] Despite the rain, the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons attracted the musically faithful last weekend. Photos by Candace Horgan. Imagine the plight, last weekend, of the folk festivarian. You show up Thursday, wait for hours to get a number that will gain you access to the onsite camping area, drive to the camping area, carve out a small patch of a ground, set up, and wait till tomorrow for the festival’s musical lineup to begin. By that point, the weekend’s hard, steady downpour—42 […]

Todd Rundgren @ the Boulder Theater

[photopress:08_ToddRundgren_WillHoge_PJeye.jpg,full,pp_image] Todd Rundgren conquered technical problems to deliver a rousing set at the Boulder Theater on Monday. Photos by Mark T. Osler. And here we thought he was Mr. Technology… Before a Monday night set at the Boulder Theater, Todd Rundgren and his band were held up for nearly an hour due to power problems related to the concert’s filming for local high-definition television. Rundgren, a cross-genre pioneer, has played an instrumental role in the early music videos, early interactive music web sites — even […]

Marc Cohn, Aimee Mann @ Chautauqua Auditorium

[photopress:04_MarcCohn_AimeeMann_PJeye.jpg,full,pp_image] Photos by Mark T. Osler. By some yardsticks of “what constitutes alternative music” (say, highly structured blonde hair, a propensity to stand up in the middle of an opera and scream, “He said, ‘Shut up!’”), Aimee Mann was at her most “alternative” in 1985. In retrospect, that was Mann’s mainstream phase, being the year in which she sang her only Top Ten hit, “Voices Carry,” fronting early MTV darlings ‘Til Tuesday. Since conventional musical yardsticks are broken, Mann has met the industry standard for […]