Klutch Beat’s “Valley of the Kings”

The Gorillaz to reunite next year

Move over, LCD Soundystem: There's a new reunion rumor in town. Jaime Hewlett, the artist behind the Gorillaz distinct comic visuals, told DIY magazine that the Gorillaz are indeed planning to return with a new album next year.

FFS’s witty collaboration wins the Ogden Theatre

FFS, the merger of two art-pop bands that are generations and continents apart, came to Denver Sunday night, drawing a packed, mixed-age crowd. FFS combines Scotland’s Franz Ferdinand, whose initial success came over 10 years ago, with LA’s wry/awry brother act Sparks, whose popularity began with the rise of glam rock in the 70's.

The Magic Beans’ jam band economics

Today's Coloradan jam bands face the same plight as the Elvis impersonator in Vegas, or Williamsburg's humble mustache waxers. Strong regional demand has given rise to strong regional competition, and an oxymoronic accommodating proving ground prevails.