Kissing Party

Steal This Track: Colorado Christmas Music

With promise of snow on the ground by tomorrow morning, it seems there is no reason not to just shed all cynicism and embrace the spirit of the season.  So, rather than stealing tracks, we’re just going to give you tracks – of Colorado Christmas music!

Live review: Denver Does CBGB’s @ the Hi-Dive

What better way to add to the Halloween weekend than add music to your rock star costume? That’s what five local bands did Saturday night at the Hi-Dive, as they resuscitated some of early punk’s most influential New York bands -- via a celebration of the seminal Bowery venue CBGB’s.

Feature: The musical romance of Kissing Party

Gregg Dolan isn't looking much like a rocker, sitting in a noisy corner of Sketch Wine Bar off Broadway. Wearing a fitted green golf shirt that accents his dyed-magenta hair, the pale, thin Dolan sips on a glass of malbec and stares emptily out toward First Avenue.

The Mile High Makeout: Hot Congress

Being landlocked sometimes seems to give Denver an inferiority complex. It's as if a nearby body of water is required to confer authenticity on an arts and culture capital.

Live review: The Jim Jims, Kissing Party @ the Hi-Dive

Adam Martin peers out from behind his band's moody decorations at the Hi-Dive on Friday. Photos and text by Matt Schild. Crepe-paper streamers and cardboard stars hung from the ceiling as an explosion of multicolored confetti littered the stage and most of the Hi-Dive's floor.

Interview: The Jim Jims

The Jim Jims profess to have no illusions about themselves. The Denver post-punk act strikes a lean, ominous figure onstage, dispensing with the usual mannerisms of guitar-based pop and aiming straight for the hips.