Jeremy Simon

Live review: Yo Gabba Gabba (Live) @ 1stBank Center

The first of two regional shows for Yo Gabba Gabba’s “There’s a Party in my City!” tour began with DJ Lance Rock striding onto stage, backed by electro-pop music and a full-stage video screen, shouting “Broomfield, are you ready to partaaaaaay?” What does that even mean to a 3-year-old?

Live review: Bob Mould @ the Bluebird Theater

Seeing Bob Mould’s name on the marquee at the Bluebird Theater in Denver isn’t exactly like seeing Jimmy Hoffa’s. After all, he has released two albums in the past two years, and is reportedly working on a memoir with well-regarded music writer Michael Azerrad.

Live review: Greg Brown @ the L2 Arts and Culture Center

[photopress:greg.jpg,full,pp_image]Greg Brown's literate, thoughtful musings on the season beat mindless, piped-in carols any day. Photo from A week before Christmas, Iowa folkie Greg Brown played a concert that, like the holiday, was variously a celebration, humble exercise and occasion for worship.

Live review: Cheryl Wheeler @ Swallow Hill

Cheryl Wheeler's gentle, occasionally self-effacing humor won over the crowd at Swallow Hill's Daniels Hall on Friday. Though billed as a concert, Cheryl Wheeler’s Friday show, the first of two within the intimate confines of Swallow Hill’s Daniels Hall, was as much comedy act as concert.

Live review: Solas @ the L2 Arts and Culuture Center

[photopress:bear.JPG,full,pp_image] Solas may be a democracy, but there are no slack elements in the Irish-American band's stunning performances. Photos by Brian Carney. Sometimes a music reviewer aims to critique a band — to compare live output to studio output; to talk of concert aesthetics; to tell a reader whether a familiar act has truly “got it” live or is simply reproducing the recordings, or is ragged and overinflated by publicists and studio pyrotechnicians.

Live review: Magnolia Electric Co. @ the Hi-Dive

Magnolia Electric Co. benefited greatly from the Hi-Dive's intimacy last week. Last time I saw Magnolia Electric Co. frontman and guitarist Jason Molina, with his previous band Songs: Ohia, I remember thinking, “Man, he looks nothing like I expected.” He seemed more like a handsome, confident frat boy than the mournful, intensely sensitive soul from which his songs emerge.

Live review: The Lemonheads @ the Larimer Lounge

"What's that on the ceiling? Maybe I'll stare at it for the entirety of my set!" Photos by Michael McGrath. In my May review of alt-folkie singer-songwriter Richard Buckner, I emphasized that he did not break between songs for his entire set, and never addressed the audience.

Live review: Keane @ the Ogden Theatre

Coldplay-lite? Many Keane haters think so. Photo from Why is Keane not bigger in the U.S. than Coldplay? The links between these two bands are not only musical (the hard-driving electric-piano rock, the unabashed affinity for pure pop), but personal -- in 1997, Chris Martin asked Keane pianist Tim Rice-Oxley to join his new band, Coldplay, Rice-Oxley declined; in 2002, Keane was “discovered” by the same A&R guy who had discovered Coldplay.