Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis at the Ogden Theatre in Denver (photos, review)

Not a single moment of Jenny Lewis' hour-and-a-half long performance was wasted on Tuesday night -- Lewis taking to the Ogden Theatre’s stage promptly at 9 p.m. sporting the same faded rainbow-technicolored pantsuit she wore in Vogue earlier this year (though probably not the one from the cover of 2014’s “The Voyager,” which looks like it’s a lot less purple/pink).

PHOTOS: Jenny Lewis Bluebird Theater show (review)

Small stage flats of lovingly painted clouds and keyboard stands adorned with cotton sheets of rainbows and starscapes made the sold out Bluebird Theater crowd seem emotionally ready for a live high school production of "The Care Bears Movie." Instead, Jenny Lewis trotted out with a big smile under her bangs, “What up, D?” Enormous cheers.