Indie comedy

Why So Serious, Todd Barry?

Droll New York comedian Todd Barry’s most visible roles have been in friends’ projects, like Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” (as smug deli manager Wayne), Louis C.K.’s brilliant, eponymous FX show and HBO’s “Flight of the Conchords” — in addition to dozens of late-night talk shows, hip music festivals and Adult Swim cameos.

Live review: Doug Benson, Graham Elwood @ the Larimer Lounge

L.A.-based stand-up Doug Benson has lately played up his pot-comic persona to the point of exclusivity. His "Medical Marijuana Tour," which is visiting all 13 states with medical marijuana laws in 13 days, recycles weed jokes from the last few years of his act -- presumably because the audience is too baked to remember them or care that they're being re-told.

Whitest Kids U’ Know @ the Oriental Theater

Pay attention to comedy close enough, and you quickly realize the truly funny stuff works on the strength of underlying ideas. Costumes, sets, sound/lighting effects and over-the-top physical humor may drive a point home, but you still need something sturdy to nail it to.