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Punk Rocks feat. NOFX, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Bouncing Souls @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre

[photopress:NOFX.jpg,full,pp_image] NOFX are still jerks — thank God. Photo from the band’s MySpace profile. If I were to correctly recount all of what was said, done, and insinuated by NOFX at the Punk Rocks show at Red Rocks Friday night, a passerby of this article could snap up my words, stray them from context, and accuse me of being a racist, a pervert and a bad writer. But I can only write the truth, and what would a NOFX show be without talk of lesbians […]

Dark Star Orchestra @ the Oriental Theater

[photopress:darkstar.jpg,full,pp_image] Dark Star Orchestra makes you feel the fleeting moment, but the Grateful Dead cover band falls short of recreating entire shows. There is something inherently sad about a tribute band. Sure, the music brings you back. There is talent on stage. The music is worthy of tribute and the historical perspective is valuable. But there is a vague dysphoria up there too, especially when the tribute band is covering a band heralded for its creativity, dynamic interplay and spontaneity. There is no question the […]