Little Dragon, Moby contribute to Duran Duran cover album

Indie new wave acts of today are coming together to create a tribute album to the new wave band of the '80s, Duran Duran. Artists such as Little Dragon, Warpaint, Moby, Barbarian and more are contributing to covers of lesser-known album cuts and B side songs to "Making Patterns Rhyme," to honor Duran Duran and its legacy of hits and great hair.

Album reviews: Galactic, Grimes, Tyga

Galactic, "Carnivale Electricos" (Anti-) Every New Orleans band has to reckon with Mardi Gras, which takes place Tuesday. Galactic, formed in New Orleans in 1994, takes a wide-angle view on "Carnivale Electricos," writing and transforming Carnival songs not only from New Orleans and Cajun country, but also from another Carnival epicenter: Brazil.