Gaslight Anthem

Live review: The Gaslight Anthem @ the Ogden Theatre

Psst... hey, kid! Wanna hear our old songs? Tough tater tots! The Gaslight Anthem strummed through their first six songs at the Ogden Theatre on Sunday without deviating from the track list on their '08 release "The '59 Sound," and the newer material-dominated set list seemed to please almost everyone but me.

Live review: The Gaslight Anthem @ the Black Sheep

A half-full venue didn't deter the Gaslight Anthem at the Black Sheep last week. Photos and text by Heather Browne. The Gaslight Anthem are a study in contrasts: young earnest faces (broken frequently by wide smiles), paired with the tattoo-covered arms of convicts.

Live review: Gaslight Anthem @ the Gothic Theatre

The Gaslight Anthem were road-hardened and ready to rock at the Gothic Theatre on Friday. Photos by Joe McCabe. In late-2007, the Gaslight Anthem's debut full length, “Sink or Swim,” was released on XOXO Records -- and it might as well have included a memo to music journalists reading: If you are going to write a review of any kind about this band you must include two things: Read more »