Doug Stanhope

Why So Serious, Greg Baumhauer?

Greg Baumhauer is synonymous with the Squire Lounge. Or more accurately, he's synonymous with that East Colfax Avenue dive bar's infamous comedy open-mic night, which Baumhauer hosted for six-plus years before taking a brief step out of the spotlight.

Why So Serious, Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla?

Sharp-tongued comedian Adam Carolla and on-air personality Dr. Drew Pinsky have lately been known as a wildly successful podcaster and celebrity rehab adviser (respectively) but the two found fame as co-hosts of "Loveline," the radio-show-turned '90s MTV staple.

Why So Serious, Doug Stanhope?

Calling Doug Stanhope an underground comedy icon isn't quite fair. It discounts his devoted international fanbase and increasing exposure on shows like FX’s “Louie.” It downplays his years of road-dogging all over the country, and it ignores the accolades he's earned from comedy diehards in every English-speaking country in the world, as well as the fact that he regularly sells out theaters.

Album reviews: Beastie Boys, Doug Stanhope

Beastie Boys, "Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2" (Capitol) The Beastie Boys' latest platter is a fascinating, encompassing listen. Not only does it feature the group's three MCs Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D -- rocking it old-school, expectedly silly — but it also posits them as the hip-hop elder statesmen they are, wrinkles and all.

Live review: Doug Stanhope @ Herman’s Hideaway

It’d be great if Doug Stanhope’s first joke from Friday night’s set at Herman’s Hideaway could be printed here in full, but it’d result in a lot of angry comments, some from people seriously offended, a few from others upset they missed a stand up act using "untouchable" subjects as matter-of-fact source material and doing it so funny.