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Poll of the Week: Dancing and punching

Four polls! We're breaking ground here! Four polls! Summer's in the air, and with summer comes dancing...and punching... and, maybe, slapping... I talked about these polls with a coworker, who told me the story of the last time she slapped someone.

Introducing…Reverb poll of the week

I don't know if you read the polls on I hope you do, but I don't assume anything here on the webs. I'm Joe, a worker-bee on the Denver Post Online team, and I'm here to let you know there will be poll goodness appearing here on Reverb once a week.

Photo essay: Colin Hay @ L2 Arts and Culture Center

From beginning to end on Wednesday night, Colin Hay wove together a beautiful mix of melody and feeling. Although he did include three or four hit songs from his Men at Work days, including "Down Under" and "Who Can It Be Now," most of the show consisted of music from his latest album "American Sunshine." One of the featured songs "I came into your store" is about an affair, "that she didn't know about", Hay joked with the audience.