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Speedy Ortiz might inspire you to quit your job or end a relationship

Quit your job, end a bad relationship -- these are among the things fans have done after listening to Speedy Ortiz's "Raising the Skate." The inspiration comes from a declaration of bossdom on the first single off the Massachusetts band’s second album, “Foil Deer.” It borrows the slogan from Sheryl Sandberg’s Ban Bossy campaign -- “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss” -- and riffs on it over the band's signature knotty, snarling guitars.

The Waterboys at the Arvada Center (photos)

The Waterboys electrified the soggy Arvada Center on Sunday night with a powerful set of songs from their extensive catalogue and their new release, “Modern Blues.” The Waterboys have long been a vehicle for singer-songwriter Mike Scott and fiddle player Steve Wickham, but the band’s current lineup features some of the most impressive session musicians in the world.

Denver Day of Rock 2015 schedule

Downtown's free, family-friendly live music event will likely always be called Denver Day of Rock. But its nonprofit parent, Amp the Cause, recently changed its name from Concerts for Kids to let people know it doesn't do only that.

Bette Midler at the Pepsi Center in Denver (photos, review)

Bette Midler starts out her Pepsi Center show pleading old age. She makes fun of her own perseverance (“I’m like vodka,” she jokes, “ageless, odorless and tasteless”) and of all the gray hair in her audience (“I don’t know if I should sing to you,” she rants, “or talk to you about the advantages of a reverse mortgage”).