Colorado Springs

Steal This Track: El Toro de la Muerte

In a world where the perfect pop record can be made in your living room -- given the right equipment, sufficient talent and all the time in the world -- it's easy to lose track of the immediacy and spontaneity that make rock and roll so visceral and exciting.

This weekend: 'Sandwich' Saturday

Danielle Ate the Sandwich, the moniker of Nebraska-born singer-songwriter Danielle Anderson, inspires both love and irritation in the local scene with her cutesy, occasionally grating persona and intimidating melodic talent.

Live review: Ani DiFranco @ Armstrong Hall

"Ani for president," someone screamed late in Ani DiFranco's set at the Armstrong Hall on the Colorado College campus in Colorado Springs. Someone who, like DiFranco, states "Call me a Socialist; I consider it a compliment," probably won't go far politically, but DiFranco works politics musically.

The Reverb Interview: Laura Veirs

Colorado Springs native Laura Veirs' latest disc, "July Flame," is an early contender for ones of 2010's best releases. Laura Veirs could have easily canceled the show β€” and if she were feeling less confident, she damn well would have.

Photo essay: Manchester Orchestra @ the Black Sheep

[insertReverbPhoto id="91880" photo="1"]Manchester Orchestra's name may sound British, but the Atlanta indie rockers are all American guitar rock. Photo by Denise Chambers. Atlanta-based indie rockers Manchester Orchestra started their set at the Black Sheep on Sunday night with a bit of technical difficulty, but that was pretty much forgotten by the crowd the moment the lyrics, "Shake it out, shake it out" were sung.

Photo essay: Martina McBride, Trace Adkins @ the World Arena

Martina McBride got the crowd up and moving at Colorado Springs' World Arena on Thursday night. Photo by Denise Chambers. After an opening set by Trace Adkins, big-voiced country star Martina McBride made a dramatic entrance to the stage at Colorado Springs' World Arena last night and brought her seated fans to their feet.

Abracastabya @ the Hi-Dive

[photopress:003_1_2.jpg,full,pp_image] It's like a spell. But it's a band name! Photos by contributor Doug Beam. Reverb photographer Doug Beam checks in with this note and photo essay: On Saturday night the Hi-Dive played host to Abracastabya's Denver CD release party.