Buell Theatre

Why So Serious, Kathy Griffin?

[caption id="attachment_68451" align="alignnone" width="610"] When does vomiting into an oxygen mask become funny? Just ask Kathy Griffin. Photo by Mike Ruiz.[/caption] The last time I spoke with comedian and self-described D-lister Kathy Griffin, she chided me for not knowing the air dates of her avalanche of Bravo specials.

Live review: William Shatner in “Shatner’s World” @ the Buell Theatre

[caption id="attachment_47272" align="alignnone" width="610" caption="William Shatner's world is an oddly comforting place, at least for a couple hours at a time. Photo courtesy of Joan Marcus."][/caption] It's tempting to say that William Shatner surprised his diehard fans at the Buell Theatre on Tuesday as part of "Shatner's World: We Just Live In It," a one-man show that debuted on Broadway and is now touring the country.

Live review: Mark Knopfler @ the Buell Theatre

[caption id="attachment_15082" align="alignnone" width="495" caption="Mark Knopfler (far right) highlighted a more subdued style of his inimitable guitar picking at the Buell Theatre on Tuesday. Photo by Brian Carney."][/caption] British guitar hero Mark Knopfler ambled through a staid but sparkling two-hour set Tuesday at Denver’s stately Buell Theatre.

Live review: Gabriel Igelsias @ the Buell Theatre

[caption id="attachment_15012" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Is Gabriel Iglesias the new George Lopez? He certainly seemed to be at the Buell Theatre on Friday."][/caption] It's safe to say that the torch has been passed down to Gabriel Iglesias as the representative of Latinos on the comedy circuit.

Live review: Kathy Griffin @ the Buell Theatre

[insertReverbPhoto id="79308" photo="7"]Kathy Griffin packed the Buell Theatre on Friday with fans of her caustic wit. Photo by Michael McGrath. Within five minutes of taking the stage, comedian Kathy Griffin had the crowd eating out of her hand Friday night at a completely packed, beyond sold-out Buell Theatre.

Live review: John Fogerty @ the Buell Theatre

Deserving of his legend status in every way, John Fogerty exhausted the Buell Theatre with his energy on Monday night. Photo by John Leyba. About the time the security guard told me that not only was photography not allowed, but that John Fogerty would leave the stage if he even saw a cell phone in use, I'd decided he was a prima donna performer too wrapped up in his own ego to be worth much, proof that when you get to be a legend, you can be even more of a child.

Live review: Rodrigo y Gabriela @ the Buell Theatre

Gabriela displays her uniquely aggressive flamenco style at the Buell Theatre on Saturday. Photos by Michael McGrath. With Tool cranking, it was evident well before guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela took the Buell Theatre stage Saturday that this wasn’t going to be any kind of flamenco-tango show.