Brad Paisley

Listen to the Brad Paisley and LL Cool J song, “Accidental Racist” — if you dare

Collaborations between rap stars and country stars are not entirely unheard of. There was that Tim McGraw and Nelly track that, while it didn’t help Nelly move any units, was certainly a foray into the unknown. Now, country’s golden son Brad Paisley has paired up with hip-hop godfather LL Cool J for the track “Accidental Racist.” The title is certainly jarring, and this bit of artistic risk is already getting backlash on social media, according to Mashable.

I Might Be Wrong: A banner day for new music

Sometimes in the music world, the stars align and the people are blessed. Last week’s concert lineup in Denver was a veritable smorgasbord for the ears: From Yeasayer and White Denim to the Dodos and Sleigh Bells, the days — Calvin and Hobbes would’ve been proud — were just packed.