Billy Thieme

Beach House at the Boulder Theater, 10/7/12 (photos and review)

Beach House kicked off Sunday night’s sold out show at the Boulder Theater with “Wild,” probably the heaviest song from the band’s latest record, "Bloom." But the weight was lost on the members of the audience -- nearly all of whom seemed elated by the Baltimore band’s mere presence, then taken away by the dreamy 90 minutes that followed.

Mike Watt at the Larimer Lounge, 10/4/12 (photos and review)

Mike Watt addressed the Larimer Lounge crowd rather coyly on Thursday night: “The good thing is that now we know this piece." Watt was referring to “Hyphenated-man,” a 45 minute grab bag of short, jerky tunes strung together under a theme that combines the artist Heironymous Bosch with the film “The Wizard of Oz.” His quip referred to the fact that the trio -- Watt, guitarist Tom Watson and drummer Raul Morales -- was touring the opera for the fourth time, and this was the second time that the group had played it in Denver.

Youth Lagoon at the Bluebird Theater, 7/5/12 (photos and review)

Sometimes, the small, obsessive compositions some musicians create in the tiny space of their bedrooms should just stay there. Youth Lagoon -- the meandering electronic indie flux of Trevor Powers -- is one project that probably should have remained a direct-from-laptop-to-Pitchfork release, based on a vapid performance Thursday night at the Bluebird Theater.