Poll of the Week: What’s your favorite Denver-area music venue?

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Feature: Biggest-ever Global Dance Festival marks a milestone for immigrant Denver promoter Ha Hau

Ha Hau is an affable guy, a first-generation Vietnamese-American with an intense stare, a thin build and a receding hairline. Working in his Golden Triangle offices, wearing a fitted T-shirt and jeans, he doesn't look like a club kingpin, a trendy promoter, an electronic-music tastemaker — until the music of British trance legend Carl Cox starts pumping through his satellite radio.

Photo essay: Deadmau5 @ Beta Nightclub

Deadmau5 played a super secret show at Beta Nightclub last night and Reverb was on the scene. Playing to a crowd a quarter the size of his recent shows at the Fillmore Auditorium, Deadmau5 entertained the packed house with a two and a half hour set which included extended versions of "Ghost n Stuff" and "Strobe." Read more »