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Best of 2012: Albums of the year

Best of 2012: Albums

And here we are at the end of Reverb’s Best of Week. Wednesday we listed our favorite Colorado artists and Thursday we compiled the best songs of 2012. Now, the Reverb editors and writers bring you the best albums of 2012. The year saw some great newcomers in hip-hip and R&B, along with the debut of the Denver group, the Lumineers, who scored a few Grammy nominations and made one list here.

Best of 2012: Songs of the year

Best Songs of 2012

This week the editors and writers of Reverb are looking back on the music of 2012 — a year of “Gangnam Style” and that Gotye song. Today we are listing our favorite songs of the year, and don’t worry, neither “Gangnam Style” or that Gotye song made the cut. Wednesday we ranked our favorite Colorado artists and Friday we unveil the best albums of the year.

Best of 2012: Colorado artists

Best of 2012: Colorado artists

Here are the best Colorado artists of 2012.