1stBank Center

Brian Wilson at the 1stBank Center (photos, review)

Going to see Brian Wilson in 2015 is far from some run-of-the-mill musical nostalgia show. It’s like going to church. The embarrassingly half-full 1stBank Center on Wednesday was a reminder that Brian Wilson worship is kinda like Scientology -- you’re either all in or not.

Judas Priest at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield (photos, review)

Veteran metal gods Judas Priest brought a righteously eardrum destroying show to the 1stBank Center Wednesday night. The band, vocalist Rob Halford, guitarists Glen Tipton and Richie Faulkner, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis, performed a setlist that hit something from almost every era of their extensive discography, celebrating both their new LP "Redeemer of Souls" as well as their 40-year history.

Beats Antique at the 1stBank Center (photos, review)

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Beats Antique continues to make sense in the EDM scene. As multi-instrumentalist and composer David Satori said at the 1stBank Center on Thursday, “Sometimes violins and computers don’t mix...Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.” But, more often than not for Beats Antique, this odd combination of instruments works, and the trio served up an impressive two-hour set to a lightly filled house to prove it.