Watch: Kanye West’s “Only One” video is actually pretty sweet

You've seen the tender side of Kanye West before -- there's "Hey Mama" and pretty much all of "808s and Heartbreak." He brought that side to the "Ellen" show to premiere the Spike Jonze-directed video for "Only One." In home movie-type filming, Jonze was able to capture a sincere side of Kanye that fans rarely get to see (usually it's all "Imma Let you finish" and rants about jogging pants).

Watch: Nancy Grace, 2 Chainz debate weed legalization, seriously This is a conversation you never saw coming: Conservative TV pundit Nancy Grace talking about irresponsible marijuana use with rapper 2 Chainz. As Grace asks 2 Chainz to watch videos of parents who force their toddlers to smoke marijuana and asks the rapper to justify his pro-legalization philosophy, the conversation stays mostly civil.

American Music Awards 2014: Watch Lorde, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and more

The American Music Awards carry about the same weight as the Teen Choice Awards. It's a night where we consistantly find ourselves asking: "Is he/she still famous?" and "People actually like Pitbull?" (We're looking at you, Lorde) Regardless, there are a handful of good performances hidden among some of the mess, and this year Lorde, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and others provided some good entertainment.