3OH!3 stumbles down CU memory lane on “BASMF”

No one can accuse producer-turned-rapper duo 3OH!3 of forgetting where they came from. Not only have the Boulder boys made the town's area code their call sign, but with their latest single, "BASMF," they've crafted a chorus around it that's sure to be a Thursday night rallying cry on the Hill for months to come.

Happy 3/11. Here’s some 311.

Look: We're sorry. But the Music Blog Association of America has been breathing down our necks. They said if we don't post something about the rap-reggae rock band 311 today, they'd revoke all of our listicle privileges until next 3/11.

Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Broncos-themed “Let It Go” is crazy adorable

Looking around Denver, it's not obvious the city is competing for its first Super Bowl in 14 years. Aside from that pop-up store on the 16th Street Mall, the odd Broncos flag waving from a balcony and Denver International Airport's orange and blue departure arrival color scheme, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Broncos are heading into their first pre-season game this Sunday and not the biggest game of the year (century?).

Nathaniel Rateliff parodies Britney Spears’ sexy “S.O.B.” videos

A few days ago, former teen pop queen Britney Spears posted a few video to her Instagram showing her writhing around in a black bikini to the tune of Nathaniel Rateliff's now thoroughly saturated hit single, "S.O.B." Rateliff's camp didn't know (or approve) of Spears using the song in their video, but they did respond to Spears earlier today, as Rateliff posted a video of himself gyrating suggestively to "S.O.B." in a black bikini of his own.

Premier: One Flew West’s “Too Many Cooks”-inspired video for “Had it All”

Denver pop-rock band One Flew West is gearing up for a big year, with a tour and new material in the works. To kick things off, the band has just released a music video for their latest single, "Had It All." The video features the members of One Flew West as increasingly ridiculous characters in a '90s sitcom credits intro, a la the hilarious and nightmarish viral video, "Too Many Cooks." The band shot the video with the help of Denver's Perplexity Pictures and the University of Colorado's CAM Records class, which is currently assisting One Flew West with their publicity.