The Lumineers peek into the life of “Angela” in new music video

The Lumineers have a future in the film industry if their heart-wrenching new video for "Cleopatra" single "Angela" is any indication. Related: The Lumineers share new song “Nobody Knows” In the latest release for "Angela/Patience," Cleopatra finds herself in a "No-Tell Motel" of sorts, an after-hours party where things begin to go downhill quickly for the pivotal character of the series.

Premiere: Pimps of Joytime do Jenga battle on “Dance Cardia”

Why do you play Jenga? For the love of the game? Or for all the money and fame that rides on every brick? Those are the (essential, essential) questions swirling around the heart of the latest video by Brooklyn funk band Pimps of Joytime, who are set to make their debut at the hallowed shrine of Red Rocks on Thursday when they open for Boombox and Galactic.

Highlights: Drake embaces inner meme on SNL

It doesn't seem that long that Drake was best known as Wheelchair Jimmy in Canadian television's coming of age show, "Degrassi High." Toronto's first citizen has made large strides since those awkward days of his on-screen prepubescent school years to become one of the leaders in Canadian pop culture, and if the charts have anything to say about it, American music.