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Morrissey’s long and dramatic path to Denver (a timeline)

Influential English indie-rock band the Smiths could have been a Denver band. Frontman Morrissey wrote in his 2013 autobiography that before the Smiths formed, he went on an extended trip to Colorado where “I rashly place a fruitless ad in the Rocky Mountain News in search of musicians.” But, of course, he returned to Manchester, where he, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce formed the short-lived and beloved band.

Watch: Morrissey attacked on stage by fans in San Jose

After years of cancellations and postponed tours, Morrissey fans must be overjoyed -- a little too overjoyed -- to see the singer. During the ex-Smiths singer's tour opener on Wednesday in San Jose a few fans rushed the stage to hug the performer and ended up tackling him to the ground and chased him off stage, according to NBC Bay Area.

Why So Serious, Lewis Black?

Lest you think Grammy-winning comedian Lewis Black is all about frothing anger and spittle-flecked tirades, the 64-year-old veteran of "The Daily Show" has a message for you: His blood pressure is actually quite healthy.