David Bowie: A photo retrospective

News of legendary British pop singer David Bowie's passing on Sunday night has resounded across the music world this morning. As a musician, producer and icon, Bowie had an inestimable influence on pop music as we know it, and as evidenced by his just-released album "Blackstar," a creative mind that bore fascinating fruit until the end.

Raury radiates positivity at his Larimer Lounge show

Nineteen-year-old singer/rapper Raury wowed a sold-out Larimer Lounge on Friday with an explosive set of pop, R&B and hip-hop songs off of his debut album, "All We Need." Much like openers The Reminders and Lily Fangz, Raury exuded positivity in his music and banter, urging the crowd at one point to turn to the person next to them and give them a hug to spread the love.

Tesseract at Summit Music Hall

Tesseract brought its angular, technical metal to an enthusiastic, young crowd at the Summit Music Hall Saturday night. Despite the dark light show, the band bludgeoned forward as a unit, playing quirky, dynamic shifts that made up in musicianship what it lacked it melody.

Chance the Rapper at the Fillmore Auditorium

Chicago hip-hop wunderkind Chance the Rapper stopped by the Fillmore Auditorium on Monday on his Family Matters tour. Chance was joined by D.R.A.M., who has made waves in the hip-hop world with his recent debut album, "Gahdamn!," and a plagiarism accusation leveled at Drake.

Post-GWAR: I was there (crowd photos)

No one comes out clean after seeing GWAR. Rather, it's a question of how disheveled, "blood"-soaked and pulverized you'll end up. Related: Check out photos from GWAR's Halloween 2015 show For the zealots who fight their way to the front, the damage is obvious--and so is the pride.

Photos: Run The Jewels fires up the Ogden Theatre

Double-barreled hip-hop duo Run The Jewels shook the Ogden Theatre last night with the first of their two Denver shows. Jordan Asher, AKA rapper-producer Boots, opened for El-P and Killer Mike, performing in anticipation of his upcoming album "AQUΛRIA." Reverb photographer Michael McGrath was on hand to document the hip-hop-heavy evening.