Candy Claws’ Ryan Hover on Harry Potter influences, no plans to perform live

Up until Tuesday, Fort Collins dream-pop act Candy Claws hadn't done much to promote its new album, “Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time.” On Facebook and Twitter, Candy Claws busied itself with pictures of plants and nature, rather than building excitement among its fan base. The band has always shied away from the spotlight, despite the national and international love it gets from music blogs.

James Greer under the magnifying glass in new band Détective

James Greer is rarely the most recognizable name on his collaborative projects. When he is mentioned, it’s usually followed by a helpful explanation of his role: senior editor for Spin magazine in the early 1990s, bassist for indie rock legends Guided by Voices, screenwriter for Steven Soderbergh, Lindsay Lohan and others.

Johannes Eckerstrom of the band Avatar talks first U.S. tour, obsessions with freak shows

Don’t tell Swedish metal band Avatar that New York City metal crowds are typically the most unforgiving—mostly because they don’t care.  Avatar is played its first show on U.S. soil Wednesday night at the Studio at Webster Hall in New York City, but according to vocalist Johannes Eckerström, the band is just as comfortable there as they would be playing at home in their backyard.