Nadalands might be Fort Collins’ best-kept musical secret

Add John Lindenbaum to the list of Colorado songwriters whose new output threatens to torpedo his under-the-radar status. The 38-year-old, who previously fronted Bay Area act Rust Belt Music and still plays in the stripped-down duo Lonelyhearts, has lately focused on Nadalands — a solo project that has grown over the past year with bassist Matt Schild (The Morning Clouds) and drummer Benjamin Buttice (Sour Boy, Bitter Girl).

Father John Misty’s “long con”

As hard as it is to get the spotlight, artists do anything to keep it. Contracted performances, custom merchandise, music videos -- it's all a part of the game for the marquee label musician. For Josh Tillman, it isn't a question of whether he'll meet these obligations; it's how he'll subvert them in the process.