Kiss, Def Leppard at the Pepsi Center, 6-25-14 (photos, review)

KISS/Def Leppard @ Pepsi Center by John Leyba

Kiss brought a spectacle bordering on parody to its 40th anniversary tour stop at the Pepsi Center in Denver with Def Leppard.

Did rock band Low lose a gig because of the lead singer’s “ganja history”?

Low performs at the Ethical Culture Concert Hall in New York City on March 20, 2013. Photo by Joe McCabe,

Indie rockers Low aren’t often ones for controversy, so it was surprising when singer Alan Sparhawk posted on Twitter about losing a gig because of his so-called “ganja history” on June 25.

The first Karen O solo album, “Crush Songs,” is due out in September

The first Karen O solo album, "Crush Songs," is due out in September

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s frontwoman Karen O has finally announced her first solo album.

Steal This Track from The Vanilla Milkshakes

Steal This Track from The Vanilla Milkshakes

Denver garage rock band The Vanilla Milkshakes have only been together for two months. But they’ll release a 13-track LP on June 28. Steal a track right now!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Temple Buell Theatre, 6-24-14 (photos, review)

Nick Cave @ The Buell, 6/24/14

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds enthralled a host of fans stretching from floor to top balcony at the Temple Buell Theatre on Tuesday night.

Watch: 30 seconds with The UMS band Wild High

Wild High chats with Reverb on the roof of the Denver Post building.

We give Wild High 30 seconds to talk about the weirdest thing they’ve seen at the UMS, their favorite bands in Denver and more.

Devo at the Summit Music Hall, 6-23-14 (photos, review, video)


Touring as a four-piece, Devo brought its “Hardcore” tour to Denver’s Summit Music Hall — one part celebration of Bob 2′s life and one part celebration of Devo’s blistering early days.

Album review: Slow Caves, “Slow Caves”

Album review: Slow Caves, "Slow Caves"

Fort Collins’ Slow Caves drops a very quick screener of “the soundtrack to the greatest movie you’ve never seen” with their self-titled debut EP.

Steal This Track from The Amends

Steal This Track from The Amends

Boulder rock band The Amends are taking the concept of concept albums to an ambitious new level over the next few months. We’ve got a preview of the first track for you to steal right now!

Hell’s Belles at the Oriental Theater, 6-20-14 (photos, review)

Hell's Belles at The Oriental Theater, 6-20-14

If the energy sent out by Hell’s Belles Friday night at The Oriental Theater could be harnessed in some way, well, let’s just say we could all at least have charged our cell phones and called some more people to come check out this kickass band.