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Steal This Track from Rossonian

Looking for a love song with both bee and gun metaphors? Download "Ticklish" from electro-sensual Denver rock band Rossonian. In recent years, soul music has experienced a strong enough revival as to warrant a genre distinction, "neo-soul." Largely lead by Daptone Records in Brooklyn, the bands leading this revival quite often create music that showcases soul music's influence on funk and rap.

Steal This Track from Kramies

Thieves! Get your grubby little fingers all over this dream-pop track from Kramies. Kramies Windt, the Denver-based artist who releases ethereal pop music using only his first name, finds inspiration writing music while confined to his coat closet.

Steal This Track from Knights in Colors

Blood sugar dropping? Give yourself a shot of alternative rock by downloading this track from Colorado Springs' Knights in Colors. Anyone who even remotely pays attention to the music business can recognize the seismic shift that's taken place over the last decade.