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Steal This Track from Oscar Ross

One of Denver's rockers has gone country. Who? Never you mind and download the honky-tonk track "Getting the Blues" now! Under a different name, Oscar Ross has been a contributor to the fuzzy hard rock bands Lords of Fuzz and Red Devil Magic.

Steal This Track from Mombi

Denver ambient indie-rock trio Mombi are set to release its second EP on April 22. Steal the synth-drenched "Rain Schadow" now.   All music -- well, all good music -- has the ability to affect the listener.

Steal This Track from Esme Patterson

On Esme Patterson's second solo release, "Woman to Woman," the Denver singer-songwriter takes the perspective of some of music's most iconic female characters. Download "Never Chase a Man," a song from the perspective of Dolly Parton's Jolene.