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Steal This Track from Slow Caves

  Slow Caves is emerging as Fort Collins most buzzworthy band. Download "Saturns," its first single, and see why.   Back in the '80s, MTV, when it featured music, did something extraordinary: it created a word.

Steal This Track from Oscar Ross

One of Denver's rockers has gone country. Who? Never you mind and download the honky-tonk track "Getting the Blues" now! Under a different name, Oscar Ross has been a contributor to the fuzzy hard rock bands Lords of Fuzz and Red Devil Magic.

Steal This Track from Mombi

Denver ambient indie-rock trio Mombi are set to release its second EP on April 22. Steal the synth-drenched "Rain Schadow" now.   All music -- well, all good music -- has the ability to affect the listener.

Steal This Track from Esme Patterson

On Esme Patterson's second solo release, "Woman to Woman," the Denver singer-songwriter takes the perspective of some of music's most iconic female characters. Download "Never Chase a Man," a song from the perspective of Dolly Parton's Jolene.