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Steal This Track from Esme Patterson

On Esme Patterson's second solo release, "Woman to Woman," the Denver singer-songwriter takes the perspective of some of music's most iconic female characters. Download "Never Chase a Man," a song from the perspective of Dolly Parton's Jolene.

Steal This Track from Spies!

Thieves, explore the eclectic rock of Spies! and download "Lions," a track off the new EP, released yesterday. As the story goes, Spies! was birthed in 2004 by songwriter and producer Joe Norris.

Steal This Track from luengliss

Transcend the mundane! Explode your mind with wonder! Steal this ambient, experimental electronic track from Denver producer luengliss. Since grade school, we've all been told there are material worlds our senses can't perceive and our minds struggle to understand.

Steal This Track from Pan Astral

Explore the otherworldly indie-rock of Denver's Pan Astral, who will debut their live projection-mapping show at Larimer Lounge on Saturday.   While it may seem petty and insignificant to some, considering a band's name can offer insights into the music.

Steal This Track from The Foodchain

Get ready for 4:20 on January 1, 2014 with this track commemorating the day by Denver hip-hop collective The Foodchain.   Though less than a month away, it's still really hard to believe that weed will be sold legally in Colorado beginning January 1, 2014.